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Know Your Enemy



malware that holds your data hostage until some form of a ransom is paid

Viruses & More...

Everyone knows about computer viruses; they're nothing new. The problem is that modern malicious software, also known as malware, is smarter than ever before. Malware often doesn't cause issues until after it spreads through your network, but by then, it is too late.


Smart Watch
Security Alarm

Internet of Things

One of the ways these malicious programs sneak into your environment is through devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT). Left unchecked, IoT, or “smart,” devices pose significant risks to today’s networks. Some examples are:

  • electronic home assistant

  • refrigerator that keeps track of its contents

  • doorbell camera

  • wireless TV

  • coffee maker

  • dog tracking collar

  • fish tank thermometer


Very little is known about the security practices of manufacturers, therefore any of these devices can come from the factory potentially infected with malware. Because a typical home network has little to no true security features, hackers have expanded their targets to not only include companies and corporations but individuals and their smart homes, too.

Bring Your Own Device

As if the potential threat from IoT devices is not enough, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture has all but erased the outside edge of many companies’ networks.


A business might have a BYOD policy that allows their employees to use their own devices as an attempt to reduce expenses. Alternatively, employees might bring their personal thumb drives, laptops, smart phones, etc. out of preference or necessity, often using the company’s wireless instead of their own data plan.


These practices provide another way for malware to gain access to corporate networks, as you do not know where these devices have been and what they have been exposed to. 

Office Worker


Security Gate
Receiving the Keys
Video Editing

Zero Trust & Network Segmentation

The Zero Trust concept states that no user, whether inside or outside the network, is to be trusted without strict identification and authentication. Think, “You shall not pass!” People make mistakes, and accidents are a common way for attackers to get into your network.  If no person or device is trusted, then everything is thoroughly analyzed and scrutinized.

The concept of Network Segmentation is like putting locks on exterior and interior office doors and handing out keys according to each employee’s role; a technician is not given a key to the CEO’s office. Likewise, not every employee needs access to all parts of a business’s network. Network Segmentation divides the whole network into smaller networks and allows access based on permissions or policies designated to specific groups or users.

Key Lock

Consider the consequences of inadequate security...

If you have total connectivity without stringent access protocols, allowing all devices to reach every aspect of your network, what happens if one computer or IOT device gets a virus? Just as people get sick and spread germs to their coworkers in an office, cyber-viruses can spread across a network. Total system infection can be achieved in days, if not hours. Zero Trust and Network Segmentation are social distancing for computers, and it is the foundation of how we build our networks here at Method Network Solutions.



Where the magic happens

"How secure is your environment?"

"Does your security extend to the desktops and laptops? Do you take BYOD into consideration? How do guests interact with your network? What is your capacity for growth?"

We use these highly significant questions to design and secure your new secure network infrastructure. Our strategy advisors pinpoint and prioritize your company’s connectivity needs, then identify the systems and applications that will best support you in your business goals.


Once your individualized IT solution is tested and implemented, we expertly maintain and manage the network as if it were our own.

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