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Managed Services

Managed Services
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You don't have to manage your network... 

We're your dedicated resource for all things network and security. Already have an IT team? We can help, freeing your team to focus elsewhere.

No two Method Managed Services plans are alike, however all of our corporate business plans include services such as:

  • 24/7 Monitoring of your network devices and connections

  • Security services that can cover your network all the way down to the end user

  • Troubleshooting and incident response

  • Regular reports highlighting usage and security concerns within your network; optional detailed reports for specific information

  • What else would you like?

You don't have to buy your network, either!

We know that you face serious financial considerations when tasked with obtaining a network. The good news is you don't have to spend all your money in one place! Corporate Business plans can choose from two equipment options:

  • Want to own your network?

    • Benefit from our partnership with companies like Fortinet and Dell and get discounts on their products when you purchase through us with a Method Managed Services plan.

  • Want to lease it instead?

    • With a down payment, part of your Method Managed Services plan can include installation of Method-owned equipment at your site. 



User Security Bundles

Whether you're an Office 365 loyalist or a Google Workspace aficionado, we've got a bundle for your computers. Enjoy advanced anti-virus, daily data backups, and multifactor authentication for security at your user's level.

office 365 google workspace anti-virus antivirus data backup multifactor authentication

Cyber Connectivity Assessments

If you aren't sure how secure your network really is, we can investigate! Your Cyber Security Specialist will evaluate your network without interrupting your daily operations and give you a report of our findings.

assesment site survey network connectivity

Utility Services Review

At no cost to you, let us look at your current VoIP services or ISP set up and see if we can connect you with savings.

utility services review VoIP ISP

Staff Training

Have the most cyber security savvy staff around, no previous IT experience required! We will connect you with online internet safety training from one of our partner companies as a no cost option.

staff training education security awareness internet safety

Phishing Awareness Campaigns

Your employees are an essential line of defense for your network. Run a Phishing Awareness Campaign to test your users and educate them on safe email practices. 

phishing awareness campaign malware spam email

And more...

Just because it isn't on the website doesn't meant that we don't do it. Method is all about YOU and what your network needs. What bells and whistles would you like?

method network solutions managed security services provider

Not a Corporate Business client?

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No worries

As a part of our mission to make elite level cyber security available to everyone, we have options for residential customers and microbusinesses 

While you may not need all of our corporate services, you can still benefit from the same equipment that connects and guards many of your favorite large companies!

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