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For when your small business is really small.

Did you know that the definition of a "small business" can range anywhere from 100 employees or less to upwards of 1,500 employees or less?

At Method, we understand that a 3 employee local business is not the same as a private bank with three locations and 70 employees. When a business is really small, we call those microbusinesses here at Method.

Your microbusiness has unique needs when it comes to internet connectivity and safety. You may not have many employees, but you still have sensitive client information to protect, a public Wi-Fi to secure, and a reputation to build and uphold. Don't let a cyber criminal threaten all that you've worked so hard to create.

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Equipment & Services

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Corporate Protection For Your Microbusiness

Contact us today and let us know more about your microbusiness, the employees and devices you have, and the sensitive information you are required to protect.

No matter your industry, our equipment has you covered! Whether you're a one woman show or your business has 10 employees, you can have a safe and secure internet experience.

$75 per month

IT support is crucial for small businesses, as many don't have an IT department or even a dedicated person to handle network connectivity and security issues.

When you arm your new Cyber Smart™ Business network with a Method Microbusiness plan, we become your IT team! You'll get dedicated technician time each month and access to our network engineers at a discounted, client-only rate!

$150 per month

If your microbusiness needs extra support, then our Microbusiness Premium plan is for you! 

As a Microbusiness Premium client, you enjoy all the benefits of our Method Microbusiness plan, plus additional technician time each month and access to our priority response list.

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